Cher-Tian Ser

PhD Student, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto


Hello! I am broadly interested in using computational methods and machine learning techniques to help scientists design and develop new catalytic and energy materials more efficiently. I am currently supervised by Alan Aspuru-Guzik.

I was a Research Engineer at the Institute of High Performance Computing in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. Before this, I graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore. I was also part of the University Scholars Programme, a selective interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic program.

I currently volunteer with Pueblo Science, an organization based in Toronto that helps underprivileged communities have greater access to STEM education.

selected publications

  1. Data-driven strategies for accelerated materials design
    Robert Pollice, Gabriel Passos Gomes, Matteo Aldeghi, Riley J Hickman, Mario Krenn, Cyrille Lavigne, Michael Lindner-D’Addario, AkshatKumar Nigam, Cher Tian Ser, Zhenpeng Yao, and  others
    Accounts of Chemical Research 2021
  2. Designing piezoresistive materials from first-principles: Dopant effects on 3C-SiC
    Cher Tian Ser, Adrian Matthew Mak, Tomasz Wejrzanowski, and Teck Leong Tan
    Computational Materials Science 2021
  3. Prediction of corrosion inhibition efficiency of pyridines and quinolines on an iron surface using machine learning-powered quantitative structure-property relationships
    Cher Tian Ser, Petar Žuvela, and Ming Wah Wong
    Applied Surface Science 2020
  4. Iodoimidazolinium-catalyzed reduction of quinoline by Hantzsch ester: Halogen bond or Brønsted acid catalysis
    Cher Tian Ser, Hui Yang, and Ming Wah Wong
    The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019